Hvalpeplaner / Upcoming litters.

Info about Diva
Diva is our own breeding and is after Chloe and Hugo. Diva is stationed with my friend Emma, and I luckily have the chance to see her very often.
Diva is an amazing workdog. She has so much power and absolutely loves to work. When she works she always gives herself a 100 %, no matter what she is doing, whether it's agility, hoopers, frisbee, obedience, tricks, dogfitness or others. 
She is a very easy dog to work with and has a big will to please. She is a fast learner, and listens really well on the agilityfield. She is not the kind of dog, to just make her own course and disregard her handler. 
She is very agile, and is very good at shifting between long strides and collecting, when there is a short distance. She listens very well to verbal cues and is really good at working on long distance from her handler. She is a very strong dog and is a natural jumper. Outside the ring, Diva is very easy, and has no problem laying quiet and relaxing, even when others are running, 
Emma and Diva have recently started to compete in agility, and she is getting better and better for each competition. I cant wait to see how far they will go, when they get a little more experience.
Diva trains primarily in agility, but has also tried many other sports, like hoopers, frisbee, obedience, tricks, and dogfitness. She loves it all and is a very diverse dog. She would also be very suited for dogfrisbee (she has trained it a little), cause she has no problem jumping very high, and are very fast. 
At home Diva is an very easy dog. She is great at relaxing, and has no problem with being home alone. She is a very affectionate and cuddly dog, just like her mother. She loves to be very close with human, and loves to hug. She loves to sleep (she enjoys to sleep in), and is a very calm border collie. She lives together with two other dogs, and cats. 
Diva is a very strong dog when it comes to noise sensitivity. She has joined her owner on the shooting range, already from when she was a puppy, and never has any problem with noise, firework, shooting or other. 
Diva love most people,  and are in general a very friendly dog. 
Diva shows herdinginstinct, but has no unwanted herdin on joggers, cars, bikes etc. 
Diva has attended one dogshow, where she got an excellent, and a very nice description. I like her structure very much, and she is build perfect for an agilitydog. 
Divas mother Chloe trains in agility, rallyobedience, hoopers, dogfitness, tricks and more. Divas dad Hugo (Highlander alfa fortuna) trains in obedience and is a part of the Danish Obedience team for WCO 2021 and 2022. 
Divas grandparents is very diverse dogs, who train in agility, frisbee, obedience, tricks, IPO, herding and dogshows. Her grandmom is multiple winner of bulgarian agility championship, and winner of skyhounds european championship in frisbee. 
Info about Zavi
The first word to describe Zavi is power, considering his character and body possibilities.
He is a dream dog at work- he has really incredible will to please, every second in his life he is ready to work. He even doesn't need any toy or food- the best reward for him is just happines of his handler. He hasn't problem with work under pressure- he has hard character. He is not type of dog, wich is sad when you ''look bad'' at him.
Zavi has no problem with competition atmosphere too- no problem with noise, stress or hundreds of people and dogs next to him, when he has to work and run.
He works great on toys or food, it's doesn't matter for him. Zavi has realy high drive and motivation.
When he is working, there is nothing wich can diffuse him- even when he hurts his paw, he doesn't show it and is still working.
He has much emotion inside him, but he is stabile with it. He has great on/off- he has much energy, wich he spend on work and can switch off at home- he has no problem with calm down, he can stays at home without trainings more than three weeks (for example because of hurt paw) and it's totally no problem.

In everyday life he is just such dream dog as at work- calm at home and good with live just in the center of city.
No problem with staying alone at home, no problem with any noise like shots, fireworks or thunder.
He is always friendly for everybody. He never had a problem with herding cars, bikes or anything other and never had psycho problems wich are typical for border collies. Also, he never had a problem with motivation- since little puppy he was extremly motivated to work with me. Sometimes I laught, that his name is good describe of him- everything in his life he does on 300% and on ''high voltage''- every work, every tricks and even every cuddle or give kisses ;)
Zavi has also natural, no-teach full retrieve and natural, great herding instinct wich is describe on his NHAT exam (by experienced judge from Switzerland).

There are no things, wich he is scared of- since little puppy he was totally no fear dog.
Between of agility and other activities, the most important thing in his life is to be cuddle- he has to be always close to us, he loves cuddling and sleeping on us. He is really sweet boy and always sleep in our bed at night, usually under quilt to be even closer to us :)

About his physicality- he is really fast agility dog and many the best agility handlers said it. Sometimes on competition he has 7m/s (in Open class!)
He has great jumping technique and nice movements. He is unbelieveble strong- there is no jump, wich he can't fly to. He has also really high stamina.
He loves swimming- he was competing in dog diving competition. Last time he was 2nd on 72 dogs- he jumped 6,95 meters! He won with dogs wich are training dog diving proffesional. He was also the best dog from Poland.
Sometimes he does some frisbee- just amateur, but it was enought to have 4th place on Polish Championship Longdistance (60 meters) or place 9 on 110 dogs in frizgility.
He could be great frisbee dog with his long, high jumps and natural tracking disc with fast, no-teach fetching.

All his puppies are simply perfect - owners are very happy with them. The main thing that I am happy about is that his puppies have fantastic jumping technique and movement in agility, I think that they are better than their father. In jumping they are more flexible, with more natural making steps shorter.
All of them are totally no-problem dogs- no problem with noises, new places, new people or new dogs; no herding objects and other psycho problems. Also very nice in everyday life, with good on-off. Very fast and with huge strenght.
They are very high motivated dogs, with big will to please and super high drive. They love work and play. All owners say, that they are perfect working dogs.
We expect Diva to go into heat around september/october 2022. 
We cant wait to meet this litter. We expect high drive puppies, with a great on/offswitch. Puppies will be suited for a long variety of dogsports. 
For interest in this litter, please contact me on kennelmunkholm@outlook.com with a description of yourself.


Kennel Munkholm